Tuesday, April 29, 2014

blogger's block, taking risks, and unexpected blessings

Hey there! It's been a little while since I've posted anything - NOT that I think anyone out there is waiting with wild anticipation to see what I'm going to write about next - but I'm aware of a lapse in blogging, and it seems that during my little hiatus, I've developed my first case of blogger's block.  So in an effort to try to break through the wall, I thought I'd just share with you my thoughts on this first month or so of "real" blogging.

I'm not really sure what compelled me to decide to blog on a more regular basis.  Oh, there's no question that I enjoy writing - and I've mentioned previously that blogging is, of course, a wonderful outlet for ALL the frustrated writers of the world (regardless of how many may actually end up reading your blog - the point is just to write).  I also enjoy that more regular blogging has rekindled my interest in photography - I'd forgotten just how satisfying it can be to set up a shot in your head, and have the real thing turn out exactly as you'd envisioned it.  So that answers the WHY...but again, just WHAT exactly compelled me to ramp up the blogging?

Well, I know it may sound crazy - but it was just one of those intuitive "gut" feelings that told me the time was NOW to take a deep dive into the blogging pool.  It was something I'd tried on several previous (and unsuccessful) outings - but THIS time, I really felt there was an intangible something pushing me forward.  I had no idea what, but that little voice was telling me the time had come to take a RISK, ignore all those warnings not to disclose too much of myself, and to stop worrying about what any potential readers might think of me.  To just blog in my own "voice", and let it flow naturally.  And so that's exactly what I did - and what I have continued to do for almost two months now.....aaaaand, so far, so good (aside from this hopefully temporary case of blogger's block).  I almost even have a whole $5.00 in my AdSense account - woohooooo!  ;-)

Okay - so now on to those unexpected blessings...

Now that's a creed to live by! :) 
I believe that one VERY positive aspect of my increased presence online actually led me to be involved in a MOST exciting project over the past month.  Meghan Telpner, my teacher, mentor, and director of the shiny brand new Academy of Culinary Nutrition, approached me to ask if I would be interested in assisting her team to prep food to be photographed for her upcoming UnDiet Cookbook (release date TBA).  Wow!!! Would I???? YOU BET!!!  So for nine days in April, over a three week span, I headed down to Meghan's famed pink kitchen on Mondays to help prepare the most delicious array of healthy goodness you can imagine - which would have been good enough on its own - oh, but there was more, much more!

Where the magic happens - in the famous "pink kitchen"! 
On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we headed to the studios of uber talented food photographer, Maya Visnyei, to assist food stylist extraordinaire, Ashley Denton, to prepare the food he would be turning into incredible, edible, works of art.  An aspiring food stylist/food photographer's dream, to work with two of the best in the business! NEVER in a million years did I think that one day I would be involved (in my own small way) in such an exciting creative project - and with such absolutely lovely people to boot.  I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed working with each and every one of the people involved in this project - Meghan, of course, but also Ashley, Maya, Sara, (the hardest working prop stylist in the business!), and my co-preppers (and fellow bloggers) Alina and Sofia.  It was a true honour and pleasure working with ALL of you.  Thank you again Meghan for offering me this amazing and unforgettable opportunity.  Get ready world - the UnDiet Cookbook will be beautiful - and will knock your socks off!! :) An added bonus - sampling all Meghan's scrumpdiddlyicious (and let's not forget nutritious!) recipes after their glamour shots had been taken! YUM.

I photo-documented this awesome experience in this little Instagram/Flipagram video - (I tried for an hour to embed it here, with no luck)...but in its place I offer you a look at that time I was almost a hand model...George Costanza would be so proud! ;-)

With Maya and Meghan
Hey!!! Guess what?  I think this little exercise actually has helped me push that big blogging boulder out of my path...and perhaps also helped me realize that one really should have faith in that little intuitive voice. Without this blog, I don't think I would have been offered the opportunity to work with Meghan and her team on the cookbook shoot, so I've already reaped benefits beyond my wildest imagination due to this little blog 'o mine.  So throw those intentions out there to the universe, people, and take a risk every now and then - you just never know what the universe will throw back at you!


  1. Excellent post and it is so true that you never know when the universe will answer :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out :) The shoot was so much fun and I also feel really lucky to be part of the process and for having met you all.

    I'm sort of itching to get back to blogging as well and facing a crap load of resistance at the same time, I guess it's all part of the process. I find that the longer I put it off, the harder it is to get back in, so the momentum is important. Keep it up, Noelle :) Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  3. My pleasure Sofia! It was so nice meeting and working with you. :) I know what you mean about momentum - I took a small break when my time was somewhat limited - and that's basically how I came to write this post - I knew I had to write something before bloggers block shut me down. When the time is right, you'll get back to it! Your blog is lovely, I want to see more of it! :)