Saturday, April 5, 2014

there is good in this world wide web

Well it's been a while since I've posted anything specific to going grey (or silver, as I prefer to call it!) - but as this blog was originally born out of an attempt to document my transition from dyed to my natural silver hair, I think it's about time to pay a little attention to the "roots" of this blog, so to speak. :)

If you aren't aware of my transition story, and are interested in reading it,  it's all up there under the tab "Grey Matters" - just scroll to the bottom for the first post and work your way up (apologies for the somewhat unpolished nature of those early posts - they are what they are!) I know you won't believe it, but I'm going to attempt to keep this post short and sweet - but I make no promises. ;-)

I'm not really sure how to say what I want to say here without coming off as all maudlin and treacly, but I'll give it my best shot - and I'll start with this:

Yes, that's me as the first featured transition story in the above video.  And when Louise*, the lovely woman who created this video, shared it with me today, I was overcome with emotion. (I know, I know, I'm well into maudlin territory already, but hear me out!) You see, Louise lives in England.  I live in Canada.  And we have never met.  I know in today's highly technological world, that's not all that earth shattering, but to me - well, I was floored.  By so many things.  That Louise, a woman I'd never met, would take the time out of her undoubtedly busy life to produce such a beautiful video featuring three out of four women she'd never met; that I was featured in the company of  three gorgeous women from various points on the globe whom I have also never met; by the power of the internet to bring us all together. And I've gotta say, my eyes welled up.  (Okay, guilty as charged, maudlin and treacly!)

But seriously - I'm aware that since its inception, the world wide web has created literally millions upon millions of human connections - through dating sites, social media, chat rooms, you name it. I also know that some of those connections can be super creepy and unwanted (yes, I'm talking to YOU James Franco) - but thankfully, I've never had to deal with any such thing.  In fact...I count among some of my dearest friends today people who I met almost 10 years ago via memberships in online fan clubs for a few of my favourite musicians.  (I joined to get good tickets to concerts, and I got FAR more than I ever bargained for in the process).  Just last week, I was invited by my teacher and mentor in all things nutrition, Meghan Telpner, to assist with food prep to be photographed for her upcoming cookbook - a position I am quite certain I never would have been in had it not been for taking her online CNE program.  Perhaps most significantly, I met the man I love, and who I have happily been with for almost 10 years, on flickr, through a mutual interest in photography. So I know first hand about the power of the internet to connect people, and to create lasting, fulfilling, relationships.  But I think until today, when Louise sent me that video, I had been taking it all for granted. And it just hit me. This world wide web of ours is a mighty powerful tool for positive human connectivity. And today, I'm feeling VERY grateful for all the positive connections that I have made because of it. :)

As Louise messaged me today, "...the whole going grey thing has turned out to be about so much more than hair colour, so many wonderful connections have been made in the process!"  I would wholeheartedly agree. Thank you again Louise, for taking the time to make that lovely video, for including me, and for indirectly reminding me that, in the words of Max Ehrmann's Desiderata,  "... for all it's sham and drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world."

Well, hopefully I haven't overpowered you all with a sugar rush - but as promised, I did manage to keep this post rather short, (albeit sweet!) ;-)

How about you?  Have you formed any lasting and/or fulfilling connections through the internet?  I'd love to hear your stories too - feel free to share in the comments below, and have a lovely Saturday! :)

* For those who are curious, I met Louise through the Facebook group, Gray and Proud.  G&P is a group of wonderful women (and men) who I turned to for advice and support when I decided to transition to silver hair - and I would highly recommend this group to anyone who is considering a grey hair transition.  It was, and continues to be, even after transitioning, nothing but a positive experience for me. :)

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