Tuesday, August 19, 2014

in appreciation of food { thoughts after a juice cleanse }

A few posts back, I wrote about my intention to do a three-day juice cleanse, from Raw Juice Guru (located in the Greater Toronto area):

Well, as part of my "attitude of gratitude" series, I'm here to say...I did it!  My overall impressions?

Well, first off, I lost about 6 lbs.  Yay!!  :) (But promptly gained them back upon eating solid food again - boo!!). Haha, no biggie, my intention was not so much to lose weight, as it was to re-set my system, and to see if the claims I'd heard about juice cleansing were true.  I was particularly interested in these benefits:

More energy
More mental alertness
Elimination of aches and pains
Balanced hormones
Detoxified cells
A re-built immune system

And I'm here to say.....YES!!! I can't speak to the last three on the list without having undergone medical testing, but without question, by the time I was finished my cleanse, I can honestly say I felt all of the first three from the list above - a boost in energy, mental acuity, and probably the most important to me - a HUGE decrease in the amount of aches and pains I usually feel on a daily basis.

Now, I would say all these benefits occurred in the days immediately following the cleanse - during the cleanse, I didn't notice a great difference.  On the upside, I also didn't really notice a sensation of feeling nauseous during the first days either though (which is said to be a possibility due to the body ridding itself of built up toxins).  

I will say, I was never hungry - I just missed the sensation of chewing...(although you are advised to "chew" your juice to stimulate saliva and digestion).  If I'm being honest, however - by the last juice of the last day, I was MORE than ready to say sayonara to my juices - I honestly think 3 days is about the longest I would want to sustain a juice cleanse (the odd sensation of having "fuzzy teeth" at the end of each day isn't something I will miss).  But power to those of you who have extended a cleanse beyond three days - you have my admiration and respect! 

Overall, well done, Raw Juice Guru!! True to their word, the juice fairies at RJG delivered a frosty cooler full of 8 juices to my door every morning - all freshly pressed and ready for transport to work - couldn't be easier!  

It was nice to have a variety - every day a different selection.  I think my favourite of all was the day my stash included a juice made with lemon, filtered water, cayenne pepper, and raw coconut nectar (see photo at top of post) - had a wonderful tart and savoury bite to it - a real treat that I'll definitely be duplicating myself in the future. 

One aspect of the cleanse I didn't expect, however, was what happened upon eating my first solid meal after three days of nothing but liquid.  I opted to make a vegetable omelette - and I must say...it was pure heaven.  Yes, of course - it's a no brainer that the first meal after three days of nothing but juice was bound to be a treat - but this was something more.  I found myself savouring everything about that meal - preparing the veggies, seasoning the pan and eggs with just the right amount of flavour,  and then - instead of chowing down and inhaling it in seconds...I took. my. time.  I may honestly have never truly appreciated a meal as much as I did that one - and gave thanks for every last morsel.  It was, pure and simply, heaven.  I thought of taking a photo of it...but somehow, that didn't seem appropriate in this instance - the meal deserved my full and undivided attention.  Indeed, I've never been more grateful - not only for that meal - but for ALL the meals that have sustained me to this point in my life.  Who knew a juice cleanse could do that?? :) 

So how about you?  Are you curious to see what a juice cleanse would do for you?  If you're in the GTA (greater Toronto area), I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Raw Juice Guru!  (And yes, I'd do it again!) Thanks again RJG - for everything! :)

*Although Raw Juice Guru provided me with one complimentary day out of my three day juice cleanse, my thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 

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