Friday, August 1, 2014

true confessions - it's going to get RAW { three day juice cleanse }

This morning as I was flipping through my Instagram feed, I came across the above graphic, posted by the good folks at Raw Juice Guru.  It was rather fitting that they would post that today, as I ponder my upcoming three day juice cleanse with them.  It's so true, isn't it?  Of course, this philosophy can be applied to any aspect  of life - but when it comes to our eating habits, it can be especially pertinent.  It seems we're either regretting the food/beverage choices we make ("Ugh, I'll NEVER drink again"; "WHY did I just eat that huge, unhealthy takeout meal?") - OR, we are killing ourselves with self-discipline as we strive (unsuccessfully) to fit back into those jeans that we haven't worn for years.

But hang on - that's the glass half-empty approach to the above thought, isn't it?  When you take the opposite approach, and take the glass-half-full approach, using these words instead as a tool to motivate - they can be a GREAT jumping off point to the start of something very positive.  At least, that's the approach I'm going to take as I head into my juice cleanse next week - because although I strive as best I can to eat clean and healthy most of the time, the reality is (here's true confession time), I'm not always as disciplined as I'd like to be, especially during these summer months where life in general is a lot less structured, there are BBQ's to attend, and drinks on cottage docks to be imbibed.  (I know, excuses, excuses, but hey - I'm only human, people!) ;-)

So when my good friend Lynn told me she was considering a juice cleanse through RJG, I realized the time was perfect for me to do the same - to use it as a "reset" of sorts, to clear the system of toxins that I had unconsciously (really, think about that last word) been plying my body with over the past few months. Now, I'm not going to beat myself up about it, because as I say, (sh)it happens!  We're not machines, and let's face it, life would be pretty boring if we were.  But I know when I've gone off the rails a bit, and for me, the time is NOW to get back on track to healthier eating.  (Believe me, my body tells me when it's time, because after all, we really ARE what we eat). What better way to start than with a raw, organic, juice cleanse? :)

Let's get started!! (Source)
I'm totally willing to suffer the "pain" of discipline for the next week while I clear out the toxins, and invite health and vitality back into my diet (and life) via my three-day juice cleanse from Raw Juice Guru* (who use 100% certified organic ingredients in their juices). What do I have to lose - other than REGRET? :)

This is a first for me though - although I've tried other cleanses/detoxes on my own in the past, I've never tried one from an outside source before (and never for 5 days - including the pre-and post cleanse days of eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables). I already like the idea of it though - just the thought of having a days worth of healthy sustenance delivered to my door every morning makes me feel pretty fancy! (Not to mention it takes the guess work out of what to eat for the week!) ;-)

So stay tuned - I'll be blogging more about this experience (possibly during, but definitely after). How about you?  Do you live in the GTA (greater Toronto area)?  Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?  Want to join me?  If so, be sure to check out @rawjuiceguru on facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and pinterest - lots of motivation to be found there, and they have a large variety of different programs that you can tailor to your own needs - let's do this, and feel the pain of discipline together! :)

Raw Juice Guru is kindly providing me with one complimentary day out of my three day juice cleanse - however, all forthcoming opinions will be my own. :)

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