Friday, September 5, 2014

other stuff

So, I just added a new tab to the blog today, because it occurred to me that although I already write about a variety of subjects, there are topics that don't quite fit into the, "recipes",  "nutrition and wellness", "favourite things", "travel", or "grey matters" categories.  So rather than try to fit the proverbial square peg into the round hole, I'm going to file everything else under the "Other Stuff" label going forward.  (I may be the only one to derive satisfaction from doing this, but please, humour me anyway). :)

For my inaugural (doesn't that sound fancy?) "other stuff" post then, I'm just going to freestyle it a bit with a few random thoughts...

1. Spotify.

To those parts of the world that have been using Spotify for your music listening pleasure for a while, please bear with me while I wax enthusiastic about this AMAZING music streaming service.  It has only recently become available here (in pre-launch capacity) in the Great White North (aka Canada), and I am LOVING it.  (I tried signing up for it AGES ago only to be told we Canadians didn't rate - so I guess I was on their waiting list as one of the lucky Canuks to get to try it first). You can access just about any music that tickles your fancy - got a favourite artist?  Type their name into the search bar and behold their entire music catalog at your disposal, wherever you may happen to be, on any of your devices.  In the mood for something to dance around the kitchen to?  Some music to drown your sorrows by?  An audiobook, perhaps?  Well, it's ALL there, my friends, and if you don't mind the odd short promo in between songs, it's FREE.  Let me repeat....FREE!! Honestly, I have no earthly idea how this is possible, but I'm not complaining.  For a music lover who has tried it all, this is like manna from heaven.  You can create and share your own playlists, and "favourite" songs you love, both new and old. And if you want to spend a nominal fee, you can upgrade to the premium service,where you can ditch the dulcet tones of the Spotify announcer, and download songs to listen to - OFFLINE!  Like Netflix for music lovers.  But maybe even better.  I'm still waiting to see what the catch is.  And if there are Negative Nellies out there who have beefs about it (because let's face it, there are always NN's), I don't care to hear about it, because so far I can see no downside to this at all.  So calling all Canadian music lovers - sign up here for your own invite!!  And rejoice! :)

2.  Don't have a job you love?  Create one! 

My beautiful new MOO biz cards! 
So the other day, I was watching a show on HGTV (House Hunters International, to be exact), featuring a blogger who was identified as a travel writer, who was looking to relocate to Italy's Umbria region.  Yes, for the record, I was jealous ;-) and had to ask myself, "how the hell do I get such a gig????"  Well, NOT that I'm pulling up stakes and moving to Italy anytime in the near future -  but then it occurred to me - I AM a writer. After all, for better or worse, I write this blog, right?   On top of that, I'm a photographer too (have even been paid for my services on more than one occasion!) - AND to round out my little trifecta, I'm a bona fide, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, (a proud graduate of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition!) - so what's to stop me from officially identifying myself as one, or all of these things? That's where the awesome folks at MOO came in - and I sat myself down at their website, and designed and created my own BEE-U-tiful, SQUARE (beesquare!) business cards!! (I LOVE my phone case, speaks for itself, doesn't it?) Now, none of these ventures have me quitting my day job (so far), but there's no denying - I AM all those things - so why not present myself as such?  The power of positive thinking, people.... :)

In that same train of thought, please take some time to check out  fellow CNE Laura Olson's blog "A Life Delectable" - where she gives you her yummy recipe for a Banana Pecan Skillet Cake - and yours truly helped her out with a little food photography. :)

3.  On being "Authentic". 

So the most amazing thing happened the other day!  I made a bloggie friend!!  Her name is Tracie, she is an American ex-pat living in Finland (!!)  (trying not to be jealous) ;-), a fellow music (and Spotify) lover, and she sews amazing custom creations, like these ADORABLE family pillows (I believe she has an etsy shop in the works...stay tuned...)

Best of all, she is a KICK ASS blogger - (which is to say, a kick ass WRITER).  I think you'll agree with me - please check her out at:

The lovely Tracie! 
She "found" me via my Pinterest page (it's a work in progress), because like me, she's embracing her silver hair AND her curly-girlness at the the same time.  I was IMMEDIATELY a fan of her writing style - and her blog philosophy - which is to say she writes in her own authentic voice, and for her own pleasure, and nothing else. I am SO totally on board with that, Tracie!  (And I KNOW you were NOT expecting anything in return for your kind mention of moi....) - trust me when I say I'm paying this forward because I believe others will enjoy your (self-described) "quirkiness" as much as I do. Thank you for reminding me of the reasons I started this blog, and to write in MY own voice. :)

Oh - and Tracie, you also inspired me to give my curly locks another try - and my hair may just FINALLY be getting long enough to re-embrace my curls:

Somtimes it's a good thing my iPhone selfie lens is smudged - built in soft focus!! :) 
Okay, so that about sums up my first "Other Stuff" post....but, LOLing here - because of course I instantly realize that all of the above things could easily be categorized under my "Favourite Things" tab....guess I can't help myself!  But what the hell, for today, Other Stuff it is!!  As my fave writer Liz Gilbert would say...Onward!! :)


  1. HAHAHA! OH SHIT!!!!!
    well that surprised me as much as it must have you!
    thank you so much... you are so very kind and so sweet! :)

    i LOVE your curls! i loved your pixie which you totally rocked out..... but your curls! ghaaa SO soft SO very pretty!

    your new business cards. WOW OH WOW! just gorgeous! you never know about these things, you could be on your way to italy!
    yes, i totally agree 100%! we have to create a job that we LOVE!
    when i moved to finland i thought i would ease right into a position. that was not the case. i am creating (literally) my own job here.
    when i'm creating/designing/sewing it's pure love it's not work and that's exactly the 'job' i want! we should all be that lucky to 'work' like that!

  2. Hah, surprise!!! I trust it was a pleasant one... :)

    You know it Tracie, being CREATIVE in ANY capacity - whether it's writing, cooking, sewing, taking photos, fashion "styling" (lord knows I don't put a lot of effort into that last one, but it's still a creative process!) - these are the things that feed the soul!! I'm good with being a freelance anything, as long as it's putting my creative energies to the test! :)