Friday, October 10, 2014

it's just a season thing...

Well, never say never.  Because inevitably, you WILL change your mind.  NOT that I'm planning on picking up the blogging pace in a big way, mind you - at least yet - but inspired by the lovely autumn weather we're experiencing,  I felt like writing a VERY simple post about this lovely time of year.  I don't have to say much, I'm going to let a few photos and some music do the talking!

A few weeks back, we took a drive up to Muskoka on a gorgeous day, and stopped by the Oxtongue Rapids to shoot a few pics, and have a little picnic.  This photo of the Oxtongue river rushing past beneath the turning leaves...

 ...brought to mind the song "Watching the River Run" by Loggins and Messina:

"And it goes on and on, oh, watching the river run,
Further and further from things that we've done, 
Leaving them one by one. 
And we have just begun watching the river run, 
Listening and learning and yearning, 
Run, river, run." 

There really are so MANY songs that can conjur up images of autumn, and the turning leaves - in fact, this beauty by Sting, "I Was Brought To My Senses", contains some of my favourite lyrics of his - and quite literally mentions the "turning leaf":

"And inside every turning leaf
Is the pattern of an older tree
The shape of our future
The shape of all our history..."

I instantly fell in love with one of my most favourite musicians, Tina Dico, the first time I saw her live.  That evening, she sang her gorgeous "Back Where We Started" - and that was it, I was an instant fan for life.  In that song, she also mentions the turning leaves of autumn:

"As in fall, the golden leaf must give in to the winds
This here tale of love is somehow meant to end where it begins..."

And last but certainly not least, there's John Mayer's "Wheel".  A song about the seasons of life, really, but absolutely still very pertinent to this time of year when the seasonal change is at its most beautiful and brilliant:

"You can't build a house of leaves
And live like its an evergreen
It's just a season thing
It's just that thing that seasons do"

Ah yes.  That one.  It gets me EVERY time.  

If you're experiencing autumnal temperatures where you are, I hope you have a chance to get out in nature and enjoy this lovely season to the fullest; and to those of you who are reading from Canada - my wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving.  There is MUCH to be thankful for. :) 


  1. just beautiful noelle! great songs too!
    i am just loving tina dico! i'm so glad you turned me back on to her music!

    sadly we just don't have these super colors in finland as the country is mostly birch trees so it's green to yellow-brown-snow.
    maples and oaks are not indigenous but some are dotted here and there as they've been introduced. but not nearly enough for this michigan girl.

    thank you for sharing your autumn, just lovely and just happy when you feel like popping in! x+o

    1. Happy to share, Tracie! You inspired me with your shots of a finnish fall...and happy you're enjoying Tina too! She's a treasure. xo :)

  2. Dear Noell, wonderful pictures in a wonderful mood! Love the songs too. Sting is still one of my favorites!
    All my best and a happy autumn

    1. Thank you Elisabeth! Sometimes all it takes is a few photos and some songs to create a mood...and as a long time Sting fan, may I say you have very good taste! ;-) Happy autumn to you! :)