Saturday, March 28, 2015

hello again

Well, you know the old saying..."it ain't over 'til it's over" - and while I've been absent for quite a few months now, I guess it's not over yet. because I'm back! bwahhhhahahahaha....

And oh my goodness, it's true what the say about the internet - NOTHING ever goes away, because I'm truly astounded that in my quite lengthy absence from posting to the blog, it has continued to draw readers!  Wow! For that I thank you - it certainly does appear that my original intention for creating the blog (transition to grey hair) is what continues to be of interest to those out there in blog land, so I guess it's time for a little update on my hair  - Wooohooo!!!

Well - actually not sure "woohoo" is the appropriate expression for a hair update - because while I'm still LOVING my hair, and don't regret for an INSTANT my decision to go silver, it still looks pretty much the same as always:

Same old, same old...
Oh, what the heck, can I get a "woohoo" for finding a hairstyle that seems to work for me?  I keep telling myself after every trim that THIS will be the last one, and that it's time to grow it out, if for nothing more than just curiosity as to how my new(ish) colour will look longer.  But as those of you who have gone pixie before know, it's MUCH easier said than done to get over that pixie-to-bob hump - better to get another trim and stay short and low maintenance, rather than suffer through that no-woman's-land of shaggy ends and a pseudo-mullet during the grow out stage. Anyway...first world problems, to be sure. Believe me, I count myself lucky that I have hair at all, and that I'm here to write about it!

In other (sort of) hair related news - during my absence, I started a new job - and I'm LOVING it.  In fact, I wish I'd found this job oh...about 30 years ago - but never too late for a fresh start, I say!  But how does this relate to hair you ask?  (Or you probably aren't asking, but I'm going to tell you anyway).  I mention this, because one of my insecurities about going grey all those many months ago was how I would be perceived in the job market as a silver-haired woman "of a certain age".  Would grey hair be just another ageist strike against me in my quest to find the right job?  Well, maybe I lucked out and just happened to find the right fit for me - but here's the thing - when it got down to the nitty gritty, it wasn't my hair that won me the job. My qualifications, not my hair, got me the job.  So I suppose the lesson learned here is - have faith in yourself.  If you're qualified for the job you want, and you're confident in your ability to do it - and present yourself that way to your potential new employer, it shouldn't matter what colour your hair is.

Anyway...that's my little pep talk for the day. :)

Here's hoping I'll have the opportunity to pick up the pace again on my blog again soon - but truth be known, while I do love the new job, it does demand more of my time.  But just sitting and writing this post tonight has reminded me just how much I enjoyed blogging as well - besides the grey hair thing, my main reason for doing this is for a creative escape.  So we shall see!!

In the meantime...mid February this year, we were lucky to have a short getaway to Cuba (OH, but it's been a looooonnnnnng, cold, and brutal winter, hasn't it?)  In closing then, I will leave you with a few photos from that oh so unique and lovely island - spring is just around the corner people!

Beautiful Playa Pilar, Cayo Guillermo, Cuba
One of the many lovely views from our resort
Adios, I'll be back! 


  1. so good to see you back!!! YEAH!!!!

    i see you allllllllll over pinterest. cracks me up. seriosuly. i swear you are on every grey/silver board out there... there's noelle... and there and there and there.... everywhere!

    meanwhile i'm working on month 10 in the transition and a long way from being done.

    congratulations on the new job! you rock!

    your holiday looks nice and warm. sounds like canada had a rough winter and cuba is just the place to get recover. you're the 3rd canadian blogger i follow that wrote about going this year.

    missed you and glad you're back to writing... when you can. no pressure.

  2. Lovely blog! I do so appreciate your silver transitions (going through this as I write), but have to say I love your pics of Cuba. Husband is from there and hasn't been home in 14 years. Look forward to your next post...