Monday, April 23, 2018

Should I stay...or should I....GO!!!

It's kind of a trick question, actually, the title of this post.  You see, I've been absent from writing this blog for well over a year now - and unfortunately missed writing about two wonderful holidays to Austin, Texas, and Victoria B.C. in the interim. Perhaps I will retroactively write about them eventually - but in the meantime, how about a few photos of these two wonderful cities at least?

First, Austin is a just a fantastic city (particularly if you're a music lover!) and we LOVED it.

The beautiful Austin skyline as seen from the banks of Lady Bird Lake

A lovely early morning stroll along the Lady Bird Lake Hike & Bike Trail/Boardwalk

Love this funky door/entrance to the South Congress Cafe, Austin

With Austin's favourite son - the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan

We lucked into a (free!) taping of Austin City Limits
Like kids in a candy store at The Moody Theater, home of Austin City Limits

Next up, we continued our yearly tradition of seeing another part of our country on Canada Day - and in 2017, it was beautiful Victoria, British Columbia:

Victoria Harbour all decked out for Canada's 150th birthday
Two Canadians all decked out for Canada's 150th - (waiting for the best fish tacos ever at Red Fish Blue Fish)

The heavenly Butchart Gardens - good for the soul!

Exploring Victoria's vibrant Chinatown

In Victoria Harbour with the B.C. Parliament Buildings in the background
Well, just the process of posting those photos has brought back a flood of many wonderful memories...and I could easily digress and go off on a completely different tangent, and write about those trips right now! (But I won't - a picture will have to be worth a thousand words for today).  In the meantime, be sure to follow the links I've provided with the photo captions if anything you see interests you!'s for a variety of reasons that I've been absent - I started a new position at my day job, which is not only more demanding of my time but more taxing on my energy; my living situation changed (for the better, but still, a move is always a big drain on your mental and physical resources); and I guess I just felt that a break from social media was generally in order.

Home Sweet (new) Home

That said - I've been wondering lately - should I maintain the status quo (STAY non-active) or start to post on a regular basis again? (In other words - GO!!!) I'm still torn, to be honest - I mean, my day job is still just as demanding, and the last thing I feel like doing in my spare time is sitting down in front of another screen - and yet - I started this blog as a creative outlet - and my enjoyment of writing hasn't waned at all - just my energy for it.  However, I've been reading through some of my old posts lately, and if I do say so myself, I actually wasn't too bad at this blogging thing!  :)  I rather surprised myself at the thoroughness of some of my travel posts - I mean, if I was planning a trip to Seattle, I think I'd actually find some value in my post about our trip there!  Haha (And hey, if nothing else, it's a great way to document our memories for posterity).

I think what's really holding me up is trying to decide my area of focus for this blog.  As likely many of you reading this may know, I started it as a way to document my progress while transitioning from dyed to my natural grey hair - and when I check my blog stats, those posts are by far still the most popular, (and I thank you for your readership!!)

However....while I love being a supportive champion to those of you who may be going through the same transition, I think I've pretty much exhausted everything I have to say about the subject - and most of my experience is documented here (and I don't plan on removing the content, so will remain on the internet FOR LIKE EVER). :)  In fact, I've been told that photos of my grey haired head pop up on all sorts of random websites (most of them recommending hair cuts for women over 50) - so if you're looking for pics of my hair/transition - they're definitely out there.

It's an oldie but a goodie...
Like everyone else, I have a variety of interests -  mine range from music, to healthy eating, to interior design, to travel, to just random, obscure stuff - and I'd really just like to be able to write about my impressions of day-to-day life in relation to ALL categories that interest me.  It's been my experience anyway, that the bloggers I find myself drawn to are those that write from the heart about what moves them, no matter the subject.  I may be limiting my ability to draw a focused readership by spreading my content too thin, but if you're still with me - I truly believe that if you write about what you're passionate about, the rest will follow.  (And if not, at least I'll still be enjoying myself over here, all by myself). :)

Sooooo, with that, I may be "re-branding" the blog in the days and weeks to come.  One thing I do note is that women of a certain age such as myself are still somewhat under-represented in the blogosphere -  oh, don't get me wrong - there are some ah-mazing ladies in my age bracket out there who are KILLING IT - Shauna at Chic Over 50  and the incredible Teri over at No Crumbs Left - but let's face it, blogging is still a bit of a younger person's game (NO disrespect to you younger ladies, because you are killing it too!) You've ALL inspired me beyond measure, and continue to do so!  :)

With that, I guess all that's left to say is....stay tuned, and again, if you're reading this, THANK YOU for all your support, past, present and future!  Let's see where this goes! (If anywhere...) :)

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  1. Hi Noelle,

    Just wanted to say that I think you look more vibrant and younger with your short, silver hair. You also have a beautiful smile and bright eyes.

    Crystal (in Edmonton)