Wednesday, June 26, 2013

step one

Soooo, I totally intended for my second post to be titled "the evolution of my hair", or something to that effect - but in the spirit of spontaneity, post #2 is now about step #1 in my grey (silver? white? all of the above?) transition process. After spending a LOT of time last evening and  early this morning googling and pinteresting my eyes out in the quest for exactly how to go about this, in fairly typical fashion, I decided to just say the hell with it, and went and got my hair cut this morning.  And just because I like to throw a little danger into the mix, I decided to go to a brand new salon, brand new stylist, no questions asked, just made an appointment with the first available stylist, bing, bang, boom!  (Or maybe bippity, boppity, boo? ;-)) 

I should clarify - I didn't just pick a random salon by throwing a dart at a yellow pages book - I at least knew the one I had chosen had a good reputation - but I really had no way of knowing whether or not the one stylist available on such short notice would be on board with my decision (I was fully prepared to defend my reasoning to the ends of the earth if she dared to tell me I was making a big mistake).  But I needn't have worried.  Because, my friends, the grey hair gods were smiling upon me on this fine, hot, and sticky summer Tuesday.  (Whew, HOT enough for ya?)  Much to my delight, when my stylist came round the corner to greet me, SHE was the one sporting a full head of GREY HAIR.  But she was half my age. And her natural colour was dark brunette.  The ultimate irony, right?  I knew I had met my match. :) 

We had a quick consult - my only stipulations were short but still feminine, and something that would work either blown straight, or air dried to my natural curls. We easily decided on something short in the back, leaving length in the front (sounds like a reverse mullet, no?) and before I had time to change my mind, her shears were clipping away at the nape of my neck in a Scissorhandian flurry.  

And about 20 minutes later, the deed was done.  And I LOVED it.  After about four years of steadily growing out my hair and swearing up and down that I would never, ever, ever, have short hair again - I was in love with my new do. In LOVE, people! I think the above photo would explain why - my long and luxurious locks ;-) had been draggin' me down!  Transition or not, this was clearly a move I should have made a long while ago, don't you think?  :) 

And so it begins. I realize I've just traded colour maintenance for cut maintenance, but that's a trade I'm happily willing to make - still cheaper, less time consuming, and most importantly, far less toxic. And in the event that I do decide to go a bit longer again once the colour is gone, the grow out should be fair less painful. I couldn't finish this post without a HUGE thank you to the very talented Rachel at Flavio's Hair Design - AWESOME job. You took what could have been a regretful hair decision (and believe me, I am the MASTER of regretful hair decisions) and effortlessly created EXACTLY what I had been looking for.  Not only do I love it, but feedback from others has been unanimously positive. Honestly - perfect strangers are complimenting me! 

As for those regretful hair decisions...stay tuned. I've got a million of 'em folks! :) 

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