Friday, July 12, 2013

so it's true...

...your hair really does grow at a rate of about 1/2 inch per month! At least that's one of the things I've learned in the almost exactly two months since I last sat in the stylist's chair for the ritual cover-up.  Wasn't exactly sure until today (had to check my credit card statement) when the last time I had my hair dyed, but the big day was May 10, 2013.  I passed the two month mark this past Wednesday then - and this is officially the longest I've ever gone without reaching for a box in the drug store in an attempt to patch it up myself, or handed over more than a day's pay to get a professional to do the deed.

So, two months in, how am I feeling about this?  In a word - FANTASTIC.  Absolutely ZERO regrets.  My only complaint is that hair doesn't grow faster - there are days when it feels like watching paint dry!  Ah well, at the same time, I was very encouraged today by one of the prolific members of the Grey and Proud facebook group who proved with her photos that it only takes 19 months to go from a full on buzz cut, to gorgeous, below the shoulder, flowing silver locks.  That fabulous group continues to be a major source of daily inspiration - not only in terms of answering the myriad of basic questions I had before deciding to do this, but just in general as a tribute to the strength of sister (and brother!) hood, and the power of genuine, non-judgmental positivity.  Truly, social networking at its finest.  :)

I was also intrigued by a post on the G&P group last night, though, from a woman who had apparently joined, transitioned fully to grey hair, but then was encouraged by her husband to go back to the bottle, as he wasn't pleased with her natural hair colour.  I can't relate yet to what that would be like, as I haven't reached the "final destination" yet, so to speak - and I think my S.O. will be on board with the final outcome. (But if he wasn't, although I value his opinion, the decision would still be mine to make).   It did raise the question for me though - what if I'm not happy with it?  I really hadn't thought of that scenario in the course of all the "silver liberation" I've been feeling lately - although I will admit that when I caught sight of my reflection in a store window the other day, with this new "halo" of mine shining like a white hot beacon in the sun, it was slightly jarring for a second - if for nothing more than just how much brighter it looks.  Will I truly be comfortable with a full head of silver hair?  Once the novelty of the transition is over, will I get bored, and succumb once again to the lure of the chemicals?  What if I just plain don't like it?

Well, no way of projecting the answers to those questions, I suppose.  My main motivation for doing this came from a desire to live as authentically and as healthfully as possible, so if I remain true to those values, none of those questions should apply.  But I'm only human - and only time will tell.  Today though, full speed ahead, inch by glorious silver inch! :)

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